Vulnerable Innocence

The Internet:

Are Children In Charge?

"Vulnerable Innocence"  is a documentary film which has valuable information for all adults worldwide.  The educational documentary contains explanations about the unique Theory of Digital Supervision for online child protection through dramatizations, experts globally, and the creator of Digital Supervision.  Parents, professionals, caregivers, globally have been wanting to know more about the reality of child vulnerabilities online, and what they can do to protect children. This film gives details regarding how to "digitize" parenting and professional skills.

The Producer chose to film virtually to avoid COVID exposure for the safety of all participants, and to add authenticity to the interviews in various different countries. Volunteers gave of their time and expertise because they believe in the necessity of online child protection, and the Theory of Digital Supervision.

"Vulnerable Innocence" has won twenty-three international awards to date.

The Premiere Screening is soon!

Tickets are in great demand.  We are sold out of our original theatre and need to book a larger one to accommodate demand.

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