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"Vulnerable Innocence" has won 24 international awards to date. 

iMDB rating 9.1/10.


Available on the following channels

for private home viewing:


Tubi TV

Amazon Prime Video (rent or buy)

Mometu TV

GuideDoc TV

Epoch TV

Nuclear Home Video


Popsy On Plex




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NB ~ Certified by the Canadian Radio and Television Commission  for Canadian Broadcast. Available for broadcast  internationally.


Accepted by IMDb.  Click here to view



"Vulnerable Innocence" is a documentary film which has valuable information for all adults worldwide. This educational documentary contains explanations about the unique Theory of Digital Supervision for online child protection with dramatizations, experts, and real-life experiences shared.  

 Parents, professionals, caregivers, worldwide have been wanting to know more about the reality of child vulnerabilities online, and what they can do to protect children. This film gives details regarding how to "digitize" parenting and professional skills - a "one-stop" resource.

Vulnerable Innocence has been recognized not only for proactive online child protection, but a useful resource to fight human trafficking.  Child exploitation and trafficking begins online and is advertised online. We believe children are being given too much ownership for their safety online.

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