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Los Angeles/Hollywood Screenings

We are pleased to announce Vulnerable Innocence has been screened in Los Angeles at two theatres - March 18th and March 20th, 2024!  These screenings were covered by Fox 11 LA, with Hal Eisner as Moderator of a discussion panel following.  Linked here is the In Depth special on Fox 11 in Los Angeles. 

We were honoured to be featured !!

The screenings were also featured in different LA newspapers, featuring our Producer, Dr. Charlene Doak-Gebauer.  Read the cover story in one newspaper in Los Angeles here.  The events  were covered in different

newspapers in Los Angeles.

These two screenings were amazing evenings.  

Vulnerable Innocence is being used for the

online protection of children in Los Angeles.  Good reason!!

Interested in having a screening?  Please contact us today

using the contact information below:


01 519 854 1249;


Las Vegas Screening - USA Premiere

Our screening in Las Vegas was an amazing success!  Red carpet in the beautiful Palms Casino Resort on the main strip in Las Vegas.  Once in a lifetime chance to see this Premiere Screening in the United States. Hosted by the SHERO Foundation, one of the largest anti-human trafficking organizations in the U.S.A. We are grateful for the recognition of SHERO, and the support of so many attendees.


Red Carpet Interviews 

By Fox 5 TV Las Vegas

 ​Left to right on the picture:  Kimberly Miles, Charlene Doak-Gebauer, Arpad Andrew Horvath, Jeremy Spence, Holly Dowling. 


Charlene Doak-Gebauer, Producer, giving thanks to the SHERO Foundation for their hosting of the screening event for Vulnerable Innocence.


We were very fortunate to have been interviewed by Willie Garrett and Dr. Christina Madison (featured on Good Morning America) of Fox 5 News Las Vegas on the red carpet at the screening. 



Canadian Premiere Screening

The first screening of Vulnerable Innocence was held June 22, 2022 in

London, Ontario Canada at the Landmark Theatre.  It sold out six weeks

prior to the screening!  We believe this emphasizes the degree of need

for this type of material.  

We were sold out six weeks prior!  The picture on the right above shows a portion of the members of the production team who were able to attend.

The picture on the left above shows more members of the production team able to attend.  The Producer/CoDirector Charlene Doak-Gebauer standing in the entry of the theatre hosting the film.

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