Vulnerable Innocence

The Internet: Are Children in Charge?  

Vulnerable ​Inn​ocenc​e Trailer



  • Best Canadian Documentary (Toronto Film Festival Cift)
  • Best Documentary Feature (Atlanta Georgia, USA)
  • Best Documentary Feature (Chicago Indie Film Festival)
  • Best Documentary Feature (Calgary Independent Film Festival)
  • Best Documentary Feature (Airflix Film Festival)
  • Best International Documentary (Hollywood Golden Age Film Festival)
  • Best International Documentary, (Austin International Art Festival, Austin, Texas)
  • Best Educational Feature (Las Vegas Independent Film Festival)
  • Best Educational Feature, (The Independent Awards, Liverpool England)
  • Best Film (Redwood Film Festival)
  • Best Film Poster, (Hollywood Golden Age Film Festival)
  • Best Producer - Charlene Doak-Gebauer, (Multidemensional Independent Film Festival, the U.K. (Nice, Milan, Madrid)
  • Best Female Directors, DMOFF, Charlene Doak-Gebauer, Nancy Lynch
  • Best Trailer (Redwood Film Festival)
  • Best Narrative Documentary Finalist, (Delta International Film Festival, California)
  • Best Feature Documentary Finalist - FilmFest International (U.K., Madrid, Nice, Milan)
  • Silver Award - Feature Documentary (Hollywood Independent Filmmaker Award)
  • Award of Recognition - Contemporary Issues/Awareness Raising (IndieFest California)
  • Award of Recognition: Viewer Impact: Content/Message Delivery (Accolade Film Festival California)
  • Award of Excellence - Finalist- Multidemensional Independent Film Festival, the U.K.
  • Semi Finalist - Berlin Film Festival (Berlin Germany)
  • Semi Finalist - Paris Women's Festival (Canada)
  • Semi Finalist - Hamburg Indiefest Festival  (Hamburg, Germany)
  • Semi Finalist – New Filmmakers, (New Orleans, USA}
  • Nominee - Best Human Rights Film, New York True Venture Film Festival 
  • Nominee - Best Documentary - Golden Eye Festival
  • Nominee - Best Documentary - Toronto Hollywood North Film Festival


Parents, caregivers, and professionals are interested in this film globally.   

Many have been attempting to find a "one-stop" location for the reality of what is going on online, and how to keep children safe.  This film covers it all with dramatizations, experts, real-life experiences, and solutions.

Please call 519 854 1249 or email [email protected] to learn more about broadcasting, licensing or streaming this film.